B Series Fixed Receptacle

B Series Fixed Receptacle

B Series Fixed Receptacle

LEMO® B Series Fixed Receptacles feature a keying system which allows for higher contact densities (from 2 – 64 positions) and prevents unwanted cross mating of otherwise similar connectors.

B Series Fixed Receptacle Applications

LEMO® B Series receptacles come in a wide range of variants including:

  • Front & rear mounting (fixed or bulkhead)
  • Free (cable mount)
  • Elbow (right angle)
  • Lanyard release
  • Panel mount w/cable strain relief versions

The world renowned LEMO® push-pull latching system allows for quick connect/disconnect while maintaining a full 3600 EMC shielding and the highest security against shock, vibration or pulling on the cable. LEMO® B Series receptacles have long been the choice of savvy equipment designers with mission critical connections.

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The World Famous LEMO self-latching system consists of Swiss engineered and precision machined components. Here is how it works.

LEMO self-latching system

LEMO Cable Mount Plug 

The cable mount plug is mated to the receptacle by simply pushing the plug axially into the receptacle housing.  Alignment is accomplished by various keying options.

Once mated the connection cannot be broken by pulling on the cable or any other part of the system beside the outer release sleeve.

A single axial pull of the outer release sleeve results in the latch sleeve retracting and disengagement between plug and receptacle is accomplished.  No twisting or threading allows for closer spacing on a panel because finger clearance is reduced to 180 degrees.

LEMO Part Section Showing Internal Components
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