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Based in San Jose, California, Alpine Electronics has more than 40 years of experience supplying LEMO® and REDEL® connectors throughout North America and the world, making us the oldest and most experienced reseller of REDEL® and LEMO® push-pull connectors. We have received extensive product training by LEMO® employees, and we understand the ins and outs of the product. We have an extensive stock of push-pull connectors on hand, with the capabilities to carry and manage inventory for you even on non-cancelable/non-returnable parts.

Contact us for more information regarding our line of LEMO® and REDEL® push-pull connectors. We are your trusted and experienced source for LEMO® and REDEL® branded connectors.

LEMO® Push-Pull Connectors

LEMO® push-pull connectors provide a self-latching mating design. This system features all the specific functions of a LEMO® push-pull connector within the solid structure of a metal housing. The system consists of a metal plug and receptacle with the world-renowned self-latching system that locks into place when the plug and receiver are joined by simply pushing the plug axially into the receptacle. LEMO® connector applications include the following: data acquisition, medical, defense, film, instrumentation, machinery, audio and video broadcast telecommunications, and motorsports.
Redel Connectors

REDEL® Push-Pull Connectors

REDEL® connectors are a lightweight plastic version of the original LEMO® series push-pull connectors. These advanced quality connectors provide the same premium connections as LEMO® in a lightweight plastic housing. As an added benefit, the color-coded housing makes connector identification quick and easy. REDEL® applications for push-pull connectors include the following: data acquisition, medical, defense, film, instrumentation, and motorsports.

Custom Cable Assemblies

Alpine Electronics’ professional and knowledgeable staff provides real-world cable assembly and wire harness experience. This includes specially armored IP68 custom cable assemblies for extremely harsh environments. We can provide you with an extremely durable custom cable assemblies package, without the long lead times and large minimum orders required for custom jacketed cables.
Alpine Electronics is your premier choice for LEMO® connector, REDEL® connector, and custom cable assemblies. Contact us for more information on our LEMO® and REDEL® push-pull connectors and custom cable assembly packages, or request a quote today.

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