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Established in 1992, Alpine Electronics is the oldest and largest independent stocking distributor of  LEMO® connectors and REDEL ® connectors in North America. With precision and expertise, our highly trained LEMO® connector and REDEL® connector application specialists will provide you with the knowledge that you need to find the LEMO connectors and REDEL connectors that are perfect for your specific project requirements.

LEMO® B-Series Connectors

Based in San Jose, California Alpine Electronics has more than 30 years’ experience supplying LEMO® connectors throughout North America and the world; making us the oldest and most experienced distributor of LEMO® push-pull connectors. We understand the ins and outs of the product and have an extensive stock of these push-pull connectors on hand. We have the capabilities to carry and manage inventory for you even on the Non-Cancelable/Non-Returnable part.

Alpine Electronics has an extensive inventory for all LEMO® series connectors, although only the B Series is currently listed on this site.  Please call Alpine Electronics for LEMO S, K, E or any other LEMO connector products. 
LEMO® is the original manufacturer of precision push-pull connectors for your demanding job application requirements. Our Personnel have been trained by LEMO® and have been to all of LEMO's® manufacturing sites in Switzerland.

LEMO® Connector Applications

LEMO® Connectors are used in a wide variety of high-performance industries and applications, including:
  • Medical 

    • LEMO® connectors can be found in electrophysiology catheters, electrosurgical devices, heart pumps, robotic surgical devices, MRI machines, and more.
  • Defense

    • LEMO® push-pull connectors can be found in many defense and security industry products including command & control devices, communications, computers, land vehicles, airborne devices, and personal personnel equipment.
  • Film Industry

    • LEMO® connectors have been used on many high-budget films and TV shows. They are regularly used for professional cameras and underwater equipment.
  • Motor Sports

    • LEMO® connectors are used consistently within Formula 1 race car instrumentation, mechanical equipment, and gear
  • Instrumentation

    • LEMO® FNC connectors are used in a variety of demanding industries such as agriculture, construction, surveying, and machine control production.

REDEL® P-Series Connectors

REDEL® is a plastic push-pull connector line that is manufactured by LEMO® under the REDEL® name. These high-quality connectors are plastic versions of LEMO's® B series design. These push-pull connectors have the same reliable contact system and many of the same insert configurations as LEMO's® metal shell connectors. The REDEL® connectors plastic shell benefits projects that require the same level of quality as the LEMO® series, but demand the benefits of plastic.

REDEL® Reverse SP and XP Series Applications

  • Medical electronics
  • Test & measurement
  • Industrial electronics

If you know the LEMO® connector part number you require, we invite you to check our extensive LEMO® connector inventory, but even if you can’t find what you are looking for, we encourage you to give us a call at 408-278-7171 or contact us.  Often our LEMO® push-pull connector experts are able to help you to find a more readily available LEMO® part that will meet your needs.

Custom Cable Assemblies

Alpine Electronics’ professional and knowledgeable staff, that works out of our headquarters in San Jose, has real-world cable assembly and wire harness experience. This includes specially armored IP68 custom cable assemblies for extremely harsh environments. Using the Moltec International custom cable assemblies’ management products, which include highly durable and chemical resistant polyamide and polyurethane flexible conduit, we can build complex mixed signal/power/coax and rugged custom cable assemblies using readily available hookup wire. This allows us to provide you with an extremely durable custom cable assemblies package, without the long lead times and large minimum orders required for custom jacketed cables.

Cable Assembly Materials

The materials that Alpine Electronics uses for their custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses are ideal for the harshest conditions. They consist of a variety of highly functional qualities, including:
  • Flexibility
  • Light Weight Materials
  • Rodent Proof Structure
  • Crush Resistant Design
  • Completely Sealed System Assembly

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