REDEL® 2P Series Modular Plastic Connectors

The REDEL® 2P series is a modular plastic push pull connector that features dust tight plastic protection. LEMO’s REDEL® 2P series plastic push pull connector accommodates cable diameters up to 9.2 mm and allows up to 34 solder or crimp contacts.
The 2P series is constructed from dust tight plastic and other rugged materials. They are polysulfone (PSU), UL certified as auto extinguishable and can be sterilized with either gas or steam. These connectors also feature a gold-plated shell over copper and nickel to ensure at least 1,000 mating / unmating cycles without the electrical characteristics being significantly affected.

REDEL® 2P Series Features & Benefits

The REDEL® 2P series provides several notable features and benefits to support your application needs, these include:
  • Up to 34 solder or crimp contacts
  • Available in 16, 19, 26, and 32-pin configurations
  • Splash-proof models available
  • Optional hybrid inserts
  • Perfect for medical applications
  • Many different contact & insert options
  • Compact, lightweight
  • Numerous safety features
  • Fluidic / Pneumatic contacts available
  • Self-Latching connector
Additionally, a keying system combined with color coding can be incorporated on most connector models to assist in the prevention of mismating. Color coding of the plug collet nut and socket flange will give an instant visual indication of connector compatibility.

REDEL® 2P Series Applications

REDEL® 2P plastic push pull connectors are used in a wide variety of industrial applications worldwide, some of the more noteworthy industries include:

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