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Alpine Electronics 5,000 Sq. Ft Facility in the heart of Silicon ValleySince 1992 Alpine Electronics has been stocking genuine LEMO® Swiss connectors in San Jose, CA.  Many of our technical staff members have been working with the LEMO® product line since 1979.  As members of the LEMO® manufacturer’s rep network for more than twenty years, many of us have visited LEMO® manufacturing plants in Switzerland and the US.  We have been given extensive product training by LEMO® employees over the years.  When we say we are experts, we can back it up.  We are unique in that we specialize on the LEMO® product line as opposed to multi-line distributors whose resources (intellectual and financial) are spread out.
LEMO® has, by far, the broadest range of push-pull self-latching connector solutions of any connector manufacturer in the world, with over 75,000 (and growing) connector combinations.  LEMO® connectors are high quality, precision; application specific interconnects with many permutations and available options.  When you have the need for mission critical connections, your needs will be met with LEMO®! 
By specializing on LEMO® we are able to concentrate our resources to better serve you, our customers, to find the correct and available LEMO® solutions for your needs.  We routinely ship orders the same day they are received from our extensive Silicon Valley locally stocked LEMO® inventory.
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Distributor of LEMO® and REDEL® Connectors
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