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LEMO® B Series Cable Plugs

LEMO® B Series Cable Plugs feature a keying system that allows for higher contact densities (from 2 to 64 positions) and prevents unwanted cross mating of otherwise similar connectors. The LEMO® push-pull latching system allows for quick connect/disconnect while maintaining a full 3600 EMC shielding and the highest security against shock, vibration, or pulling on the cable. LEMO® B Series plugs have long been the choice of savvy equipment designers with mission-critical connections.

As a trusted LEMO® reseller, Alpine Electronics specializes in LEMO® connectors. These high-quality B Series Cable Plugs offer you the precision and protection you can depend on. Perfect for medical devices, test and instrumentation applications, and other audio applications.

Explore our extensive selection of LEMO® B Series Cable Plugs, offered in a variety of straight plug and 90° angle plug options. Don't forget to add items to your cart as you explore our products for an easy quote request.

LEMO® B Series Connector Advantages

  • Security of the Push-Pull connector self-latching system IP50
  • Multiple key options to avoid cross mating of similar connectors
  • 360-degree shielding for full EMC shielding
  • Solder or Crimp Contacts
  • High packing density for space savings
  • Multipole types 2 to 64 contacts. Thermocouple 2 to 32 contacts
  • Sizes range from 00 to 5B
  • UL recognized
  • IP50

How the LEMO® System Works

The LEMO® self-latching system consists of Swiss engineered and precision machined components. Here is how it works:
  • The cable mount plug is mated to the receptacle by pushing the plug axially into the receptacle housing. 
  • Alignment is accomplished by various keying options.
  • Once mated the connection cannot be broken by pulling on the cable or any other part of the system besides the outer release sleeve.
  • A single axial pull of the outer release sleeve results in the latch sleeve retracting and disengagement between plug and receptacle is accomplished. 
  • No twisting or threading allows for closer spacing on a panel because finger clearance is reduced to 180 degrees.

B Series Cable Plug Applications

LEMO® B Series plugs come in a wide range of variants including:
  • Straight plugs
  • Elbow plugs
  • Lanyard release
  • Panel mount

LEMO® B Series Connector Accessories

Our selection of accessories includes silicone and polyurethane bend reliefs. These high-performance bend reliefs work along with the B Series Cable Plugs to offer design solutions for connector placements on your panel. Some B Series Cable Plug panel configurations include:
  • For a rear mount receptacle, pair a LEMO PFG plug with removable front nut and strain relief behind the panel
  • For IP51 protection, pair a LEMO FAG style panel mount plug, non-latching plug with BFG plug cap
  • For a latching panel mount configuration, pair a LEMO FWG panel plug with an unterminated PHG free socket
  • For color coding and keying to ensure no cross mating occurs, pair a LEMO FGA plug with a colored bend relief unmated near the EGA panel mount receptacle with the same colored insulation washer
  • For a lanyard release, pair a LEMO FNG plug with a standard collet nut. Lanyard release plugs are ideal in cold weather applications where operators may be wearing thick gloves

Order LEMO® B Series Connectors Today

With extensive experience working with LEMO® connectors and knowledgeable staff who understand the intricacies of the LEMO® push-pull system, Alpine Electronics is ready to help you select the best B Series Cable Plug for your system needs.

Contact us for your B series cable plugs, or request a quote today. You can also submit an easy quote request by adding products to your cart as you browse our selection above.
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