Medical Connectors
The advancements and every day implementation of medical technology in the past four decades have been phenomenal.  Electrophysiology Catheters, Electrosurgical devices, Heart Pumps, Robotic Surgical devices that make remote or telesurgery possible, MRI machines, Endoscopic surgical devices, medical lasers, Ultrasound have saved lives, improved the quality of life and enabled lifesaving research.  You will find LEMO® connectors and REDEL® connectors being used in all of these arenas.  These applications require connectors that are inherently reliable in the most demanding environments.  High density, splash-proof, and autoclavable connectors are just some of the features medical equipment designers need.  Cost effective single use connectors that combine these features present an even greater challenge. 
The LEMO® push-pull latching design sets the standard for ease of use in mission critical medical connections.  LEMO® is an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer of medical devices and has many options to choose from.
  • Stainless steel or FDA approved light weight plastic material shells such as PSU and PEI
  • Mixed fiber optic and copper contacts, fluidic/pneumatic and thermocouple contacts
  • Highly automated manufacturing processes for high volume disposable or single use connectors
Alpine Electronics delivers mission critical service to healthcare providers, equipment builders and research labs.
Please note that availability is dependent upon time of order. If quantity for the product you desire is not available, please call for an alternate LEMO Part number.
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