Applications for LEMO Accessories

a panel full of a variety of colors and types of lemo bend relief accessories and plugs
Do you have a “busy” panel?  LEMO has the options and accessories to solve even the tightest cable-to-panel applications.

Here’s a brief tutorial describing a sample LEMO B Series panel and how the engineers at LEMO have developed various schemes to solve many of the problems you may encounter in your design.

LEMO Connector Panel Examples

Notice, how unlike bayonet or threaded connectors (like a BNC, Mil 38999, or SMA for example), the LEMO push-pull self-latching system requires only room for your fingers at 12:00 and 6:00, allowing designers much tighter connector placement on the panel.

From Left to Right:

1. A LEMO FGG straight plug fitted with a bend relief collet nut and green bend relief mated to an EGG panel mount receptacle with a matching green insulating washer.
  1. Here’s a Handy Electricity 101 tip: If you really need to insulate the panel mount connector from the panel, better put one of those insulating washers on both sides of the panel!
a close up example of two lemo connectors with green bend reliefThe bottom green insulated receptacle is 100% insulated from the panel. The top orange insulated receptacle is 100% uninsulated, the washer is used for color coding purposes only.
2. A LEMO FHG right angle plug fitted with a bend relief collet nut and orange bend relief. Notice the transition is made within the body of the LEMO connector, so the cable is routed directly vertical without any strain being applied to the internal pins. For your “Good to Know” File: LEMO also makes an FPG style right angle plug with a shorter profile.
3. A LEMO FSG right angle plug fitted with a bend relief back nut and a gray bend relief. This innovative new design from LEMO dubbed “Anglissimo” gives the end-user to set the angle of cable exit to one of nine different positions.  The flexibility this affords end-users has been praised universally!  The panel mount receptacle has the spring-loaded BRR-style dust cap flipped in the open position.
a. When panel real estate is at a premium and you have connectors going all over the place (say on a professional video camera for instance), the Anglissimo can be a huge problem solver!
4. A very special LEMO remote handling plug with a standard (no bend relief) collet nut
a. LEMO can provide custom-designed connectors to meet your most specialized applications

5. A LEMO blanking cap providing IP61 protection to a panel mount receptacle

6. A LEMO BRR style spring-loaded dust cap in the closed position providing IP61 protection to a panel mount receptacle

7. A LEMO FNG lanyard release straight plug with a standard collet nut
a. Lanyard release plugs can be very useful in cold weather applications when operators may be wearing thick gloves

8. A LEMO FGG style straight plug with color-coded bend relief and insulating washer combination in the very beautiful black chrome finish
a. Some of our customers have chosen the black chrome finish to differentiate their product lines from models already using the standard chrome finish

9. A LEMO PFG style rear mount panel receptacle with removable front nut and strain relief behind the panel

10. A LEMO FAG style panel mount plug non-latching plug with a BFG plug cap providing IP51 protection

11. A LEMO FWG latching panel mount plug with an unterminated PHG free socket.  To uncouple this pair requires depressing the flange around the panel mount plug

12. An example of the use of keying and color-coding to ensure no cross mating.  A LEMO FGA plug with blue bend relief lies unmated near the EGA panel mount receptacle with a blue insulating washer.

13. Lastly we have a LEMO EGJ panel mount receptacle.  Typically a LEMO interconnect pair will have the pin contacts on the plug side and the socket contacts on the receptacle side. By use of the LEMO keying system, however, those genders can be reversed, as you see the EGJ (J keyway is specific to reversed gender) has pin contacts.

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