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Film Industry Connectors
Whether it’s big budget Hollywood Blockbusters from American Sniper to Tomorrowland or your favorite TV shows such as Rizzoli & Isles, Sons of Anarchy, or the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week; chances are you have enjoyed many productions made possible with LEMO® connectors supplied by Alpine Electronics.  Supporting the film industry’s professional camera, aerial and underwater photography needs is a right now kind of business.  The film industry demands mission critical connections.  It is very common for our customers to come out of a production meeting in the afternoon and for us to have the LEMO® connectors they need shipping to the filming location later that same day.  We take mission critical service seriously.  Alpine Electronics has years of experience furnishing the professional film and video industry with the LEMO® connectors used on the world’s finest professional digital video cameras.  Alpine Electronics has the knowledge and the extensive inventory necessary to support the most demanding needs of this fast paced industry.  Our proven performance has led to many referrals from a wide variety of companies that support the film industry, so when they roll the credits, we’re very proud to see our customer’s names listed.
Please note that availability is dependent upon time of order. If quantity for the product you desire is not available, please call for an alternate LEMO Part number.
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