B Series JG Condensed Straight Plug

The JG is a special condensed version straight B Series plug that is only available in shell size 0. It is 4 mm shorter in overall length than the standard FG style straight plug.

The characteristic feature of the LEMO B series is the keying system, so it’s important to understand and properly specify the proper key for your application. The 3rd position of the part number defines the keying position, for example, FGG is the standard single key version. Many other keyed versions are available per the diagram below:


Please note that availability is dependent upon time of order. If quantity for the product you desire is not available, please call for an alternate LEMO Part number.
  • Security of the Push-Pull self-latching system IP50
  • Standard G keyway
  • 360 degree shielding for full EMC shielding
  • Solder or Crimp Contacts
  • High packing density for space savings
  • Multipole types 2 to 12 Contacts
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