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REDEL® plastic push-pull connectors are plastic versions of LEMO’s® B series that are manufactured by LEMO® under the REDEL® name. These high-quality push-pull connectors have the same reliable contact system and many of the same insert configurations as LEMO’s® metal shell connectors. The REDEL® plastic connectors provide the same level of benefits as the metal LEMO® series, but with the added advantages of plastic. Additionally, REDEL’s® push-pull connector devices are lightweight and color coded, which provides an instant visual identification as to whether the connectors are compatible or not.
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REDEL® Connector Options

The REDEL® line of plastic electrical connectors offers a wide range of options for industries that depend on the most reliable electrical connectors on the market. Alpine Electronics carries a broad line of REDEL® push-pull connectors, including:

REDEL® Connector Benefits

REDEL® circular plastic connectors are adapted for applications such as medical electronics and test & measurement. REDEL® offers numerous connector choices with various contact configurations including: multiple contacts, coaxial, fibre optics and fluidic connectors. In addition, a range of one-time use connectors and connectors for mains power is available. REDEL® connectors are available in 3 sizes, depending on the specified cable diameter. Other advantages associated with plastic electrical connectors, include:
  • Plastic shell made of PSU or PEI
  • Extensive sterilization (over 100 cycles)
  • Excellent electrical safety (touch & scoop proof)
  • Numerous color options for easy identification (grey, blue, yellow, black, red, green and white)
  • Large choice of keying to avoid cross mating
  • Various contact types: solder, crimp, print and elbow print 90º
  • Disposable models
  • Exceptional design
  • Lightweight

REDEL® Connector Applications

REDEL® Connectors are regularly used in numerous high-performance industries for electrical applications that require plastic electrical connectors that will not falter. Some of the specific applications for REDEL® connectors, include:
  • Medical – These plastic electrical connectors can be found in electrophysiology catheters, electrosurgical devices, heart pumps, robotic surgical devices, MRI machines, and more.
  • Defense - Plastic push-pull connectors can be found in many defense and security industry products including command & control devices, communications, computers, land vehicles, airborne devices, and equipment.
  • Film Industry - REDEL® connectors have been used on many high-budget films and TV shows. They are regularly used for professional cameras and underwater equipment.
  • Motor SportsPlastic electrical connectors are used to connect electrical devices within Formula 1 race cars, including: instrumentation, mechanical equipment, and gear.
  • Instrumentation - REDEL® connectors are used in a variety of demanding industries such as agriculture, construction, surveying, and machine control production.

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