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LEMO Push-Pull Connectors

LEMO Push-Pull connectors are strategically designed to provide a secure mating system between the plug and receptacle. When connected, the plug and receptacle properly secure all contacts until the self-latching system is deliberately detached. LEMO connectors virtually eliminate the chance of improperly secured connectors within an application. LEMO’s locking mechanism includes a plug with an inner sleeve that has latches held in place by an outer sleeve, which provides an unprecedented locking ability. As an added advantage all LEMO push-pull connectors can be uniquely keyed to only allow for a true “one-of-a-kind” match, which prevents unwanted connector mismatches.

Contact us for more information regarding our line of industry-leading LEMO push-pull connectors. We are your proven and trusted source for LEMO branded connectors.

Cutting-Edge LEMO Connector Options

Since applications differ from industry to industry electronic plugs and receptacles take many unique shapes. LEMO push-pull connectors are no exception. LEMO’s connectors are precisely designed to accommodate most types of electronic connections. Explore our products below to add items to our RFQ cart. Some of the exclusive styles of push-pull connectors that we feature include:

We Offer the Most Popular LEMO Connectors

Here at Alpine Electronics, you can choose from a wide selection of LEMO push-pull connectors. See below for some of our most requested B-Series LEMO push-pull connectors.

FGG.0B.302.CLAD52: LEMO straight latching plug with a standard single key, featuring 2 contacts and 0B shell size.
FGG.1B.305.CLAD62Z: Straight latching plug with bend relief back nut and 1B shell size.
FGG.2B.306.CLAD92: LEMO push-pull connector with 2B shell size and standard back nut style.
FGG.2B.302.CYCD72: B series cable plug with 2 crimp male style contacts.
FGA.1B.308.CLAD62Z: LEMO B series connector with an alternate key and 1B shell size.
EGG.2B.302.CLL: 2 pin LEMO fixed receptacle connector with 2B shell size.
FGG.2B.312.CLAD62Z: B series cable straight latching plug with 2B shell size and bend relief back nut.
EGG.2B.319.CYM: B series fixed receptacle plug with 19 pins and crimp female contacts.
FGG.1B.307.CLAD62: Straight latching plug, standard key connector with 1B shell size.

We carry all LEMO series, but we currently only have the LEMO B-Series and REDEL products listed on this site. Please call Alpine Electronics for LEMO S, K, E, or any other LEMO products.

Download the LEMO Catalog for Complete Product Line Specifications 

See the LEMO® Catalog here for more information, or Request a Quote and let us do the work for you. Our drop-down menus will easily guide you through the process of submitting your request. Once we have completed your inquiry, we will E-mail you a quote with the correct part number.

LEMO Connector Features

LEMO connectors and cables are designed for mission-critical applications. In order to be effective for these applications, they have unique features that include:
  • Modular design and extensive range of products to meet your needs
  • Long-lasting and reliable equipment
  • Suitable for use in high vibration and shock environments
  • Attractive, high tech design
  • EMC protection
Alpine Electronics has more than 30 years of experience supplying LEMO connectors throughout North America and the world, making us the oldest and most experienced distributor. Our personnel have been trained by LEMO and have been to all LEMO's manufacturing sites in Switzerland.

LEMO® Connector Advanced Applications

Sleek and streamlined LEMO push-pull connectors provide a modular design and are suitable for highly ruggedized applications, where mission-critical connections are required under vibration, shock, and heat conditions. Push-pull connectors are designed to be utilized in environments where a reliable, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing design are a must. Common applications for LEMO connectors include:
  • Medical - LEMO Connectors can be found in electrophysiology catheters, electrosurgical devices, heart pumps, robotic surgical devices, MRI machines, and more.
  • Defense - LEMO Connectors can be found in many defense and security industry products including command & control devices, communications, computers, land vehicles, airborne devices, and personal equipment.
  • Film Industry - LEMO Connectors have been used on many high-budget films and TV shows. They are regularly used for professional cameras and underwater equipment.
  • Motor Sports - LEMO Connectors are used consistently within Formula 1 race car instrumentation, mechanical equipment, and gear
  • Instrumentation - LEMO Connectors are used in a variety of demanding industries such as agriculture, construction, surveying, and machine control production. 

Alpine Electronics is your trusted source for genuine LEMO connectors

Contact Alpine Electronics for more information regarding our short lead times on LEMO push-pull connectors. We also provide inventory management services on Non-Cancelable/Non-Returnable parts. To learn more about our inventory of LEMO connectors, contact us today. You can also explore our products above to add items to our online quote cart.
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