Custom Cable Assemblies

  • Custom Cable Assemblies

Alpine Electronics has extensive cable assembly and wire harness experience including specially armored IP68 cables for extremely harsh environments. Through the use of the Moltec International custom cable assemblies management products, which include highly durable and chemical resistant polyamide and polyurethane flexible conduit, we can build complex mixed signal/power/coax and rugged custom cable assemblies using readily available hookup wire. This allows us to provide you with an extremely durable custom cable assemblies package, without the long lead times and large minimum orders required for custom jacketed cables.

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Cable Assembly Materials

The materials that Alpine Electronics uses for their custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses are ideal for the harshest conditions. They have a variety of desirable qualities including:

  • Flexibility
  • Light Weight Materials
  • Rodent Proof Structure
  • Crush Resistant Design
  • Completely Sealed System Assembly

Custom Cable & Wire Harness Accessories

Alpine Electronics also carries an extensive catalog of overmold tools for a wide variety of connector styles such as LEMO, Amphenol, Alden, and others. Challenge us with your most demanding custom cable assembly and wire harness needs, and put our experience to work for you!

Please note that cable assembly and wire harness product availability is dependent upon the time of order. If quantities of the product you desire are not available, please call for an alternate LEMO Part number.

Contact Alpine Electronics today for your custom cable assemblies or wire harness needs, or request a quote today.

Please note that availability is dependent upon time of order. If quantity for the product you desire is not available, please call for an alternate LEMO Part number.
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