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B Series Cable Mount Free Receptacles – PH Free Socket

LEMO’s® B Series cable mount free circular connectors feature a keying system (2 to 64 positions) which allows higher contact density and prevents all errors in alignment. The various keying alternatives prevent unwanted cross mating of otherwise similar connectors.

B Series Cable Mount PH Free Socket Features

PH free socket LEMO® circular connectors provide a multitude of features including:
  • Security of the Push-Pull self-latching system IP50
  • Multiple key options to avoid cross mating of similar connectors
  • Full 360-degree EMC shielding
  • Unsurpassed shock security
  • Solder, Crimp or Print Contacts
  • High packing density for space savings
  • Multipole types 2 to 64 Contacts
The world-renowned LEMO® push-pull latching system allows for a quick connect/disconnect while maintaining a full 3600 EMC shielding and the highest security against shock, vibration or pulling on the cable. LEMO® B Series receptacles have long been the choice of savvy equipment designers with mission-critical connections.

PH Free Socket Circular Connector Applications

LEMO’s® B Series cable mount free receptacle PH free sockets are used within a wide range of industries, some of which include:

LEMO® Connector Self-Latching System

The World Famous LEMO® self-latching system consists of Swiss engineered and precision machined components. Here is how it works:
  • The cable mount plug is mated to the receptacle by simply pushing the plug axially into the receptacle housing.
  • Alignment is accomplished by various keying options.
  • Once mated the connection cannot be broken by pulling on the cable or any other part of the system besides the outer release sleeve.
  • A single axial pull of the outer release sleeve results in the latch sleeve retracting and disengagement between plug and receptacle is accomplished. 
  • No twisting or threading allows for closer spacing on a panel because finger clearance is reduced to 180 degrees.

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