Instrumentation Push-Pull Connectors

Professional GPS enabled Instrumentation and equipment has found its way into a variety of demanding applications. As “smart” electronics continue technologically advance machinery, industrial equipment manufacturers and end-users increasingly need dependable, GPS instrumentation connectors. Find the high-performance connectors you need for all your mission-critical GPS instrumentation needs. 

Alpine Electronics has over 25 years of technical LEMO® connector expertise. We can help you select the best LEMO® connector for your instrumentation application. 

Instrumentation Connectors

Our inventory of connectors for instrumentation include LEMO® Push-Pull Connectors and Redel® Connectors.

LEMO® Push-Pull Connectors

Offered in a wide selection of styles, LEMO® connectors are designed to accommodate a wide range of electronic connections.
  • Long-lasting connectors
  • Suitable for shock environments and high vibration environments
  • EMC protection

Redel® Connectors

Redel® connectors are plastic connectors, manufactured by LEMO®. Redel® connectors are available in color-coded options with the same insert configurations as LEMO’s® metal connectors.
  • Lightweight plastic shell made of PEI or PSU
  • Disposable models
  • Keying options to avoid cross-mating
  • Excellent electrical safety

Applications for GPS Instrumentation Connectors

Common applications that benefit from GPS instrumentation connectors include:
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Surveying
  • Machine Control
  • Medical
  • Semi-Conductor Processing
  • Sensors
GPS and agricultural instrumentation are often used in harsh environments with exposure to chemicals, pesticides, fertilizer, diesel fuel, grit and dust, and extreme temperatures.  The complex systems of sensors and controls that activate nozzles putting out a fine spray of herbicide at a precise rate depend on reliable interconnections.  If those connections are intermittent or broken links, disastrous results will occur that will have devastating consequences for the operator’s bottom line. 

Instrumentation Connector Benefits from Alpine Electronics

As an authorized reseller of LEMO® connectors and cable plugs, Alpine Electronics offers you the technical knowledge and product inventory you need, with the competitive pricing you want. We also offer:
  • Same-day shipping or shipping within 24 hours of order submission
  • Will-call pick up option for orders
  • Largest selection of in-stock inventory of LEMO connectors in the Bay area
  • Fulfillment of large volume orders
  • Quick quotes for orders and fast product inquiry responses

Find the Right GPS Instrumentation Connector for Your Needs

Let the experts at Alpine Electronics find the right GPS instrumentation connector for your application requirements. Call us at 1-800-996-1702 or request a quote today.
Please note that availability is dependent upon the time of order. If the quantity for the product you desire is unavailable, please call for an alternate LEMO part number.
Please note that availability is dependent upon time of order. If quantity for the product you desire is not available, please call for an alternate LEMO Part number.
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