Connectors for Data Acquisition Systems

Data Acquisition Systems demand mission-critical connections.  Upon impact of an automobile crash test, data is gathered from hundreds of sensors within the vehicle and the corresponding crash dummy. These tests are conducted to better understand what happens during the impact of a crash.  Similarly, our armed forces conduct vehicle blast testing to mimic the effect of an IED explosion on an armored personnel carrier. The data that is collected and analyzed through these tests is saving lives all around the world.
Vehicle and ordnance testing do-overs are embarrassing and very expensive, which is why the DAS industry relies on LEMO® connectors for mission-critical connections between the sensors and the data collection devices.  Every test bed site is unique, and typically requires a large variety of LEMO® and REDEL® connectors for data acquisition systems that can be properly connected quickly and easily. 
LEMO® connectors for vehicle testing are highly reliable circular push-pull self-latching connectors with multiple key options. Alpine Electronics provides mission-critical service in the form of VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) when supplying REDEL® and LEMO® connectors for data acquisition systems, which is necessary to support this dynamic market segment.

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Connector Development

The two major trends in connector development over the last few years have been connector miniaturization and increased contact density. System integrators in various markets, such as automotive, testing, and aviation, are looking to increase the number of sensors and data acquisition means. Naturally, this requires more connectors and cables in a reduced space.
LEMO® is extending its range of M Series connectors with the introduction of the new MM Series. The MM Series is available with 2, 3, or 4 contacts and will be one of the smallest IP 68 connectors of the LEMO® range. With this very small connector, LEMO® completes its range of motorsport LEMO® connectors for the automotive/racing market. These motorsport LEMO® connectors are suitable for cable diameters 2 to 27 mm and contact configurations ranging from 2 to 114 contacts.

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