REDEL Connector PAC.M0.4NL.CC52V

REDEL Straight Plug, 4 Pin
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PAC.M0.4NL.CC52V Specifications

  • No. of Contacts: 4
  • Series & Material: 1P PSU BLACK
  • Back Nut Style: Standard
  • Key: C
  • Contact Type: Crimp Male
  • Cable OD Range: 4.0 mm - 5.2 mm
  • Collet Nut Color: Green

PAC.M0.4NL.CC52V Inventory:

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Part Number: PAC.M0.4NL.CC52V


PAC.M0.4NL.CC52V Features

  • Lightweight Plastic shell made of PSU or PEI
  • Solder or Crimp Contacts
  • Excellent electrical safety (touch & scoop proof)
  • Multipole types 2 to 14 Contacts
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